4.7% spike in mobile responsive websites in two months

Google sources indicate that in anticipation of yesterdays mobile friendly algorithm update that the index saw an increase of 4.7% in mobile responsive websites.google responsive themes update Quite a small number really when you consider how many websites are in the google index, my guess is that figure will skyrocket in the coming few months as many businesses didn’t have the budget or the time to oversee a responsive website redesign.

We were inundated with requests to update websites in the past 8 weeks and not all of these projects are completed, i expect this is a consistent theme throughout the web.

If you are still sitting on the fence about mobile responsive website design you cant ignore this change, the line between pc and mobile is as grey as they come, what used to be a pc is not a phone what was a phone now a pc…. what is a pc anyway?

Time to move forward and upward.

Google source : Search Engine Land