Website Analytic’s – Your eyes on your website 24/7

Analytics allows us to track and monitor every interactions within your website. By Using Google analytics we are able to see where your traffic is coming from, what people are searching for both in your site and what they were looking at before they land on your site. We are able to track which sites sent traffic to you and how well that traffic is converting into a customer or a lead.

When you work with Us at Online Innovation we take the time to understand what your perfect client looks like, not literally but how they look but how they look from a statical point of view. For example are they between 40-60 years young, do they have an interest in cars? these might seem like irrelevant statistics but nothing could be further from the truth.

By Mapping your perfect client we are able to monitor with analytics how the target market react and respond to your service or product offerings. Over time we can focus outr efforts in sourcing this demographic by using analytical data. If you are one of the many businesses who have Google analytics installed on your site and are not using the data to better understand your customers call us today and well show you how.