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Does your business engage in Pay Per Click Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing is one of the most effective Marketing resources of the 21st Century. Unlike many other forms of advertising Google Adwords allows us to present offers to potential customers at the exact time they are researching a purchase decision.

With information at our fingertips 65% of consumers will search online prior making a buying decision. If your business is not appearing in the search results you could be leaving massive profits on the table.  Pay Per Click advertising is a proven effective lead generation when structured correctly and used in conjunction with a search engine optimised Landing page.

Google™ Adwords is by far the easiest and fastest way to test and implement a campaign in your industry. By employing a Google Adwords Company you will be giving your business the best possible chance at success.

Online Innovation are proud members of the Google Partner program and by using a Certified Google professional you can be assured that your campaigns will be both effective, well researched and profitable.

Why choose Online Innovation to Manage My Google Adwords Campaigns?

Online Innovation has a proven track record of delivering profitable and measurable results! For over 12 years our Directors have worked with Businesses generating targeted keywords with commercial intent. This process of eliminating low quality keywords that do not influence buying mechanisms means that you will see results quicker than traditional “buy and test” methods used by many agencies.

We will tailor your campaign to suit your web structure, product base and ideal target customer. This means careful wording for each and every ad group, keyword list, and Ad copy. Many agencies these days will simply recommend a budget and write three ads for you business. This is the wrong way to achieve cost effective ads with Google Adwords Management.

We work with Google employees through our Google Partner Agency agreement and have Google employees review and make recommendations on how we can further improve or optimise our campaigns. In fact our Founder Dustin McMurray was recently awarded most helpful hero for Australia and New Zealand Google Adwords partners.

We will write ads that Convert ad copy needs to trigger a response in your customer, through our consultation process with you we can establish industry terms and phrases used that are more traditional or authentic to your market. After all we are communicating and establishing trust not just trying to get the sale.

Landing page optimisation

Once we have created your campaign we will make recommendations based on your landing pages, sometimes this could mean creating an entirely new page or just some small word changes to increase your pages relevancy. We aim to run 10/10 Keyword Ad scores in all of our campaigns and can work directly with your web developer to achieve this or we can make the changes ourselves.

Conversions – Proof is in the pudding

By establishing  specific goals we are able to monitor, track and report on the success of your campaigns by conversions. These can be a huge variety of goals for example calls from a mobile device, contact requests via forms, checkout from a product purchase or simply a product brochure download.

In the example below we have a highly competitive industry with a high margin product in most cases a conversion here represents between a $250 – $1500 sale. If you do the maths on this example we have a total of 1721 conversions x $250 min profit per conversion = $430,250.00 minus the cost of campaign total profit of campaign = $323,746.00. This campaign was producing $6225 in profit each week over a 12 month period.

adwords management campaign example

Google Search network and Google Content Network

In the above example you will see that there is a column with “banner ads” you may notice that there is no conversion data, this is not all bad in fact the only figure we monitor is impressions. We sometimes implement Banner advertising not to get actual sales but more as a Branding exercise. This is a very cheep and effective way to get your name out there in industry related websites where you customers may congregate.

In the above example we were able to display our customers companies logo and banner ads 14066 times and it only cost us $1.45 not bad at all.

If you would like to see results like this or are interested in hearing how an accredited Google Adwords management Company can help your business call us today for a no obligation consultation.

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