Keyword targeting

Focusing your keywords with laser precision is so important that it can mean the difference between getting great rankings and losing them really fast and getting ranking and keeping them whilst moving up.

Why is Keyword Targeting so important?

Why you ask, let me show you a real example its a exaggerated one but clearly defines the point.

keyword targeting

In Google we search for the keyword “dove” , there’s traffic looking for chocolate and there’s traffic looking for soap and beauty products. Now if you could get your site to rank for this keyword not only would your servers be running overtime because you could potentially get 900,000+ hits each month but the likelihood that people clicking on your site would find that your not relevant is quite high and they will soon hit the back button. This tells Google that you are in fact providing incorrect meta data or titles so its takes them away from you and you fall to page 100.

dove searches pm



Furthermore you will notice that there is no adwords on this page, imagine bidding on this keyword, lets call it $0.15 per click there is a potential to spend over $1m per month just on this keyword.

What does it all mean and how can I avoid making these kind of mistakes in my Marketing?

You need to be laser focused and I mean really laser focused, that means generating a keyword list then cull it right down. If you can come up with 5 long tail keywords you are doing really well and so long as those keywords have good traffic numbers you cant go wrong. Here’s an example a customer of mine was in the outdoor patio furniture business, if we use the same example as above we search “patio” straight up 800 keywords.

search engine optimization

Now we need to sort by local traffic because we want local business don’t we!


high traffic keywords


Now we have us some laser focused keywords, are you following me 🙂 you will notice some of these are variations of the same keyword, this is key and you should use both variations in your content when trying to get ranking for these.

For me to try and gte quick results for my customer here I would focus on the most specific keyword that I can really hone in on, “Outdoor patio table” this is a solid keyword and there is every bit of chance that if I can get a browser to look at some tables on my customer site that they might buy.

In summary its not all about having hoards of traffic to your site, its about finding the keywords which convert into real hard cash!

and if you want any help with this were only and email away.

To your success

Dustin McMurray