Search Engine Optimisation starts with Customer interaction and is measured with good engine optimsation


Is Your Business Managing SEO the Right Way?

HI My Name is Dustin McMurray I’m the lead Digital Strategist and Founder here at Online Innovation, and I am an experienced Search engine optimisation specialist with over 12 years of Industry experience building quality rankings and getting great results for myself and my clients. It hasn’t always been a smooth ride I can tell you.

Google has made us entrepreneurs jump through so may hoops over the years but one core value has never changed…………..

SEO is about Customer Interaction

Did you know that keyword relevancy is only 20% on page and the majority is off page? Most businesses continue to work on their own site without developing much needed votes by engaging with their market in the real World wide web. This is key…. interacting with your customers online proves your legitimacy to search engines online. read that again if you have to. Its the simplest most left out component of an effective SEO strategy.

We personally analyse your online presence and target keywords to compile a proactive strategy to get positive results.

For an effective Search engine optimisation campaign you will need:

  • Quality targeted content
  • Correctly not over optimised landing pages
  • Descriptive keyword relevant images
  • Correctly built and configured Goals with your tracking platform (preferably google analytics)
  • A responsive website (preferably WordPress)
  • Well researched Target Keywords
  • Most of all an effective strategy

Many SEO “Professionals” will claim that they can get you a number 1# Listing in Google for your keyword and keep you there. Be very careful dealing with these companies. This can result in you being charged ongoing fees each month for little more than link building which is often outsourced to other countries for a few dollars for the duration of your listing.

Google is an ever changing beast and the best we can do as honest professionals is promise results by focusing on the “cash generating” keywords and provide an effective ongoing strategy to respond to constant algorithm changes.

Our approach is a bit different than most, we establish a 6 month strategy which will entail firstly Optimising your website for the best chance at getting ranked followed by Content creation, back-link building and some well tested SEO strategies to drive customer interaction and conversions.

If you’re serious about taking your online presence to the next level and are searching for a company who can guide and facilitate online growth Online Innovation is your answer we here ready to work with you.

Every Click is a potential customer ... Start Tracking , Monitoring and Responding to Your Customers Today

An effective Internet Marketing campaign will increase exposure of your business to more customers. FY2013-14 saw a $45BN productivity boost thanks to digital Marketing No Other Marketing medium can drive hungry eager customers like The Internet Can!
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