SEO Google puts safety first

So often we hear about tricks and tips on how to get your SEO at its best, well while there may be some trick the reality is search engine optimization is not an overnight task nor internet-privacyshould it be tricky in any way shape or form. Do you want to trick your customer or provide them with a great experience? yeah the second one I know and that’s what SEO is all about engagement and interaction with your prospective buyers.

Google has taken things one step further this month and openly said they are putting security on the high priority list and they are prepared to reward webmasters/website managers with better rankings for keeping our web secure. Good on you Google!!

By simply using the HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) or SSL (secure sockets layer) we are doing our bit to protect the web form third party attacks.

What is SSL, TLS, HTTPS anyway?

“insert geeky explanation”

TLS is the new name for SSL. Namely, SSL protocol got to version 3.0; TLS 1.0 is “SSL 3.1”. TLS versions currently defined include TLS 1.1 and 1.2. Each new version adds a few features and modifies some internal details. We sometimes say “SSL/TLS”.

“HTTPS is HTTP-within-SSL/TLS. SSL (TLS) establishes a secured bidirectional tunnel for arbitrary binary data between two hosts. HTTP is a protocol for sending requests and receiving answers, each request and answer consisting in detailed headers and (possibly) some content. HTTP is meant to run over a bidirectional tunnel for arbitrary binary data; when that tunnel is a SSL/TLS connection, then the whole is called “HTTPS”. Source

What Does it all mean?

So what does it all mean for us business owners? it means taking the time to talk with your web development team and asking them to include a safety certificate in your website. Its ok they wont bite, from as little as $150 per year you can get a certificate, if you run a large eCommerce website you should consider switching in HTTPS for all users rather than just logged in and registered users.

Not all certificates are created equally and I would suggest you don’t cheap out, were talking about security here guys get on board! if all this makes your head spin and you need to talk about it over a hot beverage give me a call and happily explain. or

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Google statement here.